Maestro is focused on improving your brand’s performance. We’re not your typical agency, we’re a Performance Partner – focused on developing your learning and marketing through strategy, design, and technology.

What does that look like? We are experts in mobile + web apps, digital marketing, eLearning, websites, branding, video, 3D animation, and consulting. We make native apps for continuous learning, motion graphic videos for onboarding, 3D animations for product launches, and eLearning for new processes. We’ve helped large organizations completely revamp their onboarding strategy, support sales with mobile apps, and turned outdated ILT to mobile friendly eLearning courses. We’ve even helped a cookie company completely rebrand, launch a new website, and set a strategic path for digital marketing.

As a Performance Partner, we’re passionate about building brands through strong relationships, trust, and execution of our partner’s projects, and we have a full team to make sure that happens. Our team is made up of designers (instructional, graphic, and user experience), software engineers (web and native), and a full client engagement team (sales, strategy, account executives, and project management) that ensures a delightful experience from the start of your first project to the start of your 100th project.

These are just few of the many reasons why market leaders such as Southwest, Google, and Johnson & Johnson have chosen us to differentiate their brands, add measurable value and drive business-changing results. Our company is proof that strategic smarts, as the guide for the right tools in the right hands, can yield beautiful, startling and highly effective results.

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