Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)





Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important line of defense against work-related injuries or accidents. Learning about how to protect yourself on the job is just good sense because no one wins with a work-related accident or injury. Maestro’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) course is part of a series of beautifully designed, mobile-friendly safety courses.
  Course Objectives   Topics Covered
  After completing this course, the student will:   This course will cover the following topic(s):
  • Describe the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirements, also known as OSHA, for P-P-E
  • Cite the reasons workers give for not using it
  • Describe the different kinds of P-P-E
  • Match them to specific kinds of jobs.


  • Notice to Users
  • Introduction
  • The Case for PPE
  • Learning Check 1
  • The Different Types of PPE
  • Face and Eye Protection
  • Learning Check 2
  • Hearing Protection
  • Learning Check 3
  • Hearing Protection Continued
  • Head Protection
  • Learning Check 4
  • Hand and Foot Protection
  • Full Body Protection
  • Respirators
  • Learning Check 5
  • Summary
  • Final Assessment

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