New Hire Safety Awareness Bundle

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This twelve course bundle handles the new hire requirements for training awareness and safety.
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This twelve course bundle handles the new hire requirements for training awareness and safety.  The Fire Extinguisher course is also included at no charge.  This bundle should be supplemented with any of your local procedures, but can serve a s a great initial training and recurrent training refresher catalog.  The Courses included are:

Back Injury Prevention Training

Back_SmThis course will bring awareness and provide you with information (required in OSHA 29 CFR 1903.1, The General Duty Clause) on how to eliminate preventable injuries. As well as information regarding hazards, safe work practices, and ergonomics.




Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne_SmThis course provides a basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens, common modes of transmission, methods of prevention, and what to do if an exposure occurs. This information will help minimize serious health risks to people who may have personal exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.




Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Awareness Training

EHS_SmThis course is designed for all employees to gain a general awareness of EHS issues and provides basic information needed to understand how to eliminate or minimize dangers associated with workplace hazards. Further specialized training may be required for some jobs and tasks.




Ergonomics Awareness Training

Ergonomics_SmThis course provides the basic information needed to recognize and report musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) signs, symptoms, and risk factors. It also addresses the key components of an Ergonomics Program and provides information to assist both employees and employers in minimizing the risk of developing work related MSDs. This course applies to both office and industrial settings.




First Aid Training

FirstAid_SmThis basic course provides you with information on the different forms of injuries, how to treat the injuries and what to do if you are not an emergency medical technician.





Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS)

GHS_SmThis course will provide users with information on the updated OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard (HCS) that specifies what information should be included on labels of hazardous chemicals as well as on the Safety Data Sheets.

This updated standard aligns with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. These internationally accepted standards will make workers smarter and safer by helping them better understand the warnings of potential hazards, what to do if exposed and how to protect themselves.



Hazard Communication Training


This course provides basic information about Hazardous Material Communication requirements in accordance with OSHA regulations and compliance requirements within a company. The precautions that both you and your employer must take in order to safely use, handle and dispose of hazardous chemicals in the workplace will also be covered.




Heat Stress Training

Heat_Stress_SmEach year more people in the US die from extreme heat than from hurricanes, lightening, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes combined. This course is for individuals who are required to work in hot environments and will discuss the effects of heat on your body, outline the risk factors for heat related illnesses, describe the associated treatments and explain control measure techniques and safe work practices to prevent heat related stresses.




Ladder Safety

Ladder_SmThis course will overview the OSHA requirements for Ladder Safety, as well as provide you with basic information on how to choose the appropriate ladder for different working environments and how to inspect ladders to identify potential problems.




Machine Guarding

Machine_Guarding_SmThis course provides information on general requirements, the various hazards of mechanical motion, guarding method techniques for protecting workers, associated definitions, and requirements for different kinds of machinery with regards to the Machine Guarding Program.




Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

PPE_SmThis course provides an overview of the types, selection of, maintenance, and care of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Individuals will learn how to protect themselves from workplace hazards such as machines, hazardous substances and dangerous work procedures that can cause injury.




Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual_Harassment_SmThe Sexual Harassment course has been designed to educate both employees and employers on sexual harassment in the workplace and how to prevent it. The information in this course will provide information on sexual harassment including the legal definitions of sexual harassment, types of sexual harassment, policy and prevention measures, employer responsibilities, and resolution methods.




Workplace Violence Training

Workplace_Violence_SmThe Workplace Violence eLearning course has been designed to educate both employees and employers on violence in the workplace and how to prevent it.  The information in this course will cover the different ways workplace violence can present itself, how to prevent violence from occurring, how personnel can protect themselves, what to do after an incident has occurred, and the guidelines as well as the benefits of implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.




Included at no cost is the Portable Fire Extinguishers course.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

PortableFire_SmThis course is designed to protect employees and help prevent serious property loss from fires. It provides information on the identification of the various classes of fires, types of portable fire extinguishers, when and how to use an extinguisher to put out small fires and the actions to take in the event of a fire.




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