Fire Safety for Healthcare Professionals




Healthcare professionals encounter many potential fire hazards. The entire healthcare team should be properly trained on hospital fire prevention and understand how to safely respond to a fire if indeed one occurs.

You will learn:

– Causes of fires

– How to prevent fires

– How to help in a hospital fire

– Fire extinguisher safety

This 30 minute course from Maestro includes audio narration, inline quizzes, and other accessibility features to help you master the objectives. This course is excellent for human resource professionals, medical professionals, and anyone who works within the healthcare industry. Ensure that you are well-trained in case of emergency.


  Course Objectives   Topics Covered
  After completing this course, the student will:   This course will cover the following topic(s):
  • Understand what causes hospital fires
  • Be aware of how to help in a hospital fire
  • Understand how to use a fire extinguisher safely
  • Fire prevention
  •  Notice to Users
  • Introduction
  • Hospital Fire Risks
  • How to Respond
  • Learning Check
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Learning Check
  • Fighting Fires
  • Final Assessment

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