The SCORM Store allows you to purchase and own courses or subscribe to our content.

Purchase: You pay for the course once.  This allows you train an unlimited number of employees within your LMS.

This option allows you to edit the course for your needs using any HTML editor.  We do provide updates to important regulatory changes for three years via a new download from the SCORM Store.

Subscription:  For a reduced annual fee you can subscribe to the course content for three years.  This provides a simple method of training your employees at a reduced cost.  The subscription product also provides automatic updates to the courses without the need to download a new SCORM package.  You may use the course as many times as needed to train your employees.

Extra Fees:  There are NO extra fees for per user usage, user completions, or setup.

Custom Changes:  The SCORM Store can make custom versions of these courses or create a new course for your needs.  Call for an estimate. 1-800-339-0642