SCORM Not Playing Nice?

The SCORM Store team has been doing conversions and implementations for learning management systems for over a decade.  Many times your content or learning management system are not setup to talk effectively together.

We understand the real-world issues with SCORM and know how to adjust your content to work within you Learning Management System.

SCORM is a reference model and not a true standard – you can’t plug this into a wall and have it work the same way. There is still too much variation in how Learning Management Systems implement SCORM.

For Example:

  • Is content be loaded in a new window or a frameset?
  • How much real estate is in that window?
  • How will the table of contents be presented?
  • What navigation request does closing the browser imply?
  • Are the options available for designating a mastery score vs. threshold completion within the LMS?


Example Challenges
One large aerospace manufacturer had multiple courses (219) that they were in the process of converting to SCORM packages.  Problems arose when the courses did not display correctly and the exam results were not providing a completion status in the LMS.

Our team looked into the situation and determined that the display area for the courses was being restricted.  We suggested some changes to their dynamic navigation and HTML layers to correct this problem.

The courses were also recording a completion for paging through the course (i.e 50/50 pages), and were ignoring the final exam.  In SCORM 1.2, a mastery score may need to be set in the manifest to tell the LMS that the score received is to be used for completion status.  For example, setting <adlcp:masteryscore>80</adlcp:masteryscore> in the course manifest would force the LMS to consider 80% as a passing score.  Simply put, we changed the manifest files for these courses to include a mastery score and the courses were scored correctly.


Our guarantee
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