Custom Courseware from SCORMStore

Here at the SCORM Store our staff has been creating custom courses for over twenty years.  Our process can quickly take your existing content or concept and turn it into an interactive learning experience. Whether you need training for new hires, product training, or compliance training our team can meet your […]


The SCORM Store allows you to purchase and own courses or subscribe to our content. Purchase: You pay for the course once.  This allows you train an unlimited number of employees within your LMS. This option allows you to edit the course for your needs using any HTML editor.  We […]

Our Guarantee

We take pride in creating courses that reduce accidents and improve on-the-job performance.   If you encounter a problem with any of our courses, we will make it work!  We can help you identify issues and resolve the situation.  Nothing is more important to us than effective training.   If […]

About our Courses

What is SCORM?  What’s the difference between the versions?  Find out here. Who developed these courses?   The Team here at the SCORM Store are trained instructional designers, graphic artists and programmers.  Additionally, we have in-house OSHA certified trainers that have been helping clients reduce accidents and raise awareness to workplace […]

SCORM Not Playing Nice?

The SCORM Store team has been doing conversions and implementations for learning management systems for over a decade.  Many times your content or learning management system are not setup to talk effectively together. We understand the real-world issues with SCORM and know how to adjust your content to work within […]

OSHA Fines Increase

OSHA Fines Increased 2016 In 2016 OSHA increased its fines for safety violations for the first time in 25 years.  The fines have increase by nearly 80% increase. This is a result of the Budget Act of 2015.  Section 701 of the bill allows OSHA to increase its fines based […]

OSHA Revises the Policy on GHS Labeling for Existing Stock

OSHA, in a major concession to industry, has relaxed their inspection requirements and the deadline for re-labeling hazardous chemical products.     Guidance for manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals Where a manufacturer, or importer, has not received classification information from its upstream supplier(s) on which it intends to rely […]